David Branham,Sr.

Found on:

  • 29 Oct 1774 list of early settlers on Burks Fork, Fincastle County, Virginia.1
  • 1774 Land Commission Records for Fincastle County, Virginia.2
  • 1778 List of Captain Johathan Isom's Company for the Revolutionary War.3
  • 1782 Montgomery Co. VA tax rolls.4
  • 1787 Virginia Census, Montgomery County.5
  • 1788 Tax List of Montgomery Co., VA.6
  • 1796 settled on Big Mud Creek, Montgomery Co., VA.7
  • 24 Jan 1825 son, William, appointed to administer will, Floyd County, Kentucky.8

"The surname of Branham is, most likely, of English origin; certainly, any name ending in "ham" bears an English mark of identification.   Further, the Branham marriage and birth and baptism records found in Farnham Parish, of Richmond County, Virginia, and the Goochland County, Virginia are recorded in parishes of the Church of England.   This indicates the Branhams were members of the church of England and, indeed of English origin.

David Branham, progenitor of the Branham family in Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia was born between 1730-1736, probably in Farnham Parish of Richmond County, Virginia. and died about 1824 on Big Mud Creek, in Floyd County, Kentucky.  David's wife was Frances Baskett, born about 1740 and probably died before 1830 in Floyd County, Kentucky.

One theory is that David married Frances while on a voyage to take tobacco to England and returned to Virginia alone, sending for Frances later.  This theory is supported by the fact that a Frances Branham was imported in 1756 to Orange County, Virginia under the name of Frances (the female spelling) Baskett Branham, allegedly on a ship's passenger list, indicating their marriage took place in England.  Others contend this person was FRANCIS (the male spelling) Branham from Irelnad and was actually a "he." Some think this importation could simply be from another county and Frances was Virginian, since there were Basketts in Colonial Virginia. Further, some beleive the name "Basket/Baskett" to be of Indian origin."

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