Francis Marion Little

1850 Pike County, KY Census

This census was taken as of June 30, 1850. The last page is dated September 18, 1850. House numbers 184-187 are missing on the microfilm record

Household: 407-407

Age Sex Occupation Value of Real Estate Place of Birth
Little, Wm 65 Male Farmer 500 VA
", Elizabeth 45 Female VA
", Marion 17 Male KY
", Cornelius 14 Male KY
", Henry 13 Male KY
", Elizabeth 11 Female KY

Source: Book: 1850 Census of Pike County Kentucky; Abstracted, arranged and indexed by Dewey R. Honaker Pikeville, KY

Special Pike County Census of 1890
Soldiers and Surviving Widows

Francis M. Little is listed in the Special Pike County Census of 1890.

He is found in the 2nd Precinct; household 119/124. His rank, company and unit are listed as: Private.; Co. B; 14th KY Cavalry. His disability is listed as "bloody piles".