John Branham ~ Exhibit

The father of David Branham, Sr. is not proven.  The general consensus among most researchers I've encountered is that this John Branham is likely his father.

John Branham was an attorney for the former Colonial Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood.  Spotswood was a prominent man in Orange County, Virginia and imported many Irish and German settlers to Orange County.  These importees then worked for him and for others in exchange for their passage to the New World.

John Branham married the widow, Rachel Webb Gower, on 16 March 1726 in Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.  His will was probated on 27 August 1761 in Orange County, Virginia and named his wife and his sons Daniel, Richard, Gaydon, Tavener and James.  It's believed that these are the youngest sons of John and that he likely had previously granted inheritances to his older children in the form of land.

Possible children of John and Rachel Branham:

  1. John M. Branahm
  2. Benjamin Branham
  3. Spencer Thaddeus Branham
  4. Elizabeth "Betty" Branham
  5. Jonathan Branham
  6. Susan Branahm
  7. David Branham (My line)
  8. Daniel Branham
  9. Richard Branham
  10. Gaydon/Gradyon Branham
  11. Tavener/Turner Branham
  12. James Webb Branham

Source: David Branham and His Descendants
Shelby Fleming Phillips