McElhannon Family Genealogy

The McElhannon Family genealogy presented here is totally from the work of others.  When we married, my husband, Danny, had a folder of information given to him by his father, Roy Neal McElhannon.  Roy Neal had obtained the information when he attended a McElhannnon Family Reunion.  I believe most of the work was done by Dennis McElhannon.  Later, I obtained an anfantel chart from Joy McElhannon, widow of Hugh McElhannon, of Okolona, Arkansas.  Hugh McElhannon had extensive McElhannon records as well.

The earliest McElhannon of this line is John McElhannon of Ireland.  The birth of John McElhannon is registered in the Church of England in County Londonderry, Ireland on the date of 25 September 1752.  Because of the continuing religous warfare in that part of Ireland, now known as Northern Ireland, we may never see that registration.  The bitter strife that has been waged in Ireland, as far back as the Cromwell Invasion in the 1600's, was one of the major reasons for the exodus of the people seeking a new life in a new world.

Northern Ireland is made up of six of the nine counties that once were the County of Ulster.  Therefore, Northern Ireland is still often referred to as Ulster.  The people living there are a mixture of Scotch and Irish, hence, they are usually referred to as Scotch-Irish or Highlanders.   When these Scotch-Irish immigrants arrived in the Colonies, they quickly established reputations for their industriousness, clannishnes and willingness to fight.

John McElhannon Sr.'s Biography