Susannah Blackburn ~ Exhibit

The wife of William Akers III is deduced as follows:

1)   It is the opinion of several noted researchers that his wife is likely Susannah Blackburn, daughter of William Blackburn who died in Charles City County, VA in 1729 and whose wife Elizabeth, was a child of Lambert and Mary Tye.

2)   This William Blackburn had a daughter Susannah, and two sons John and Lambert. In 1746 William Akers III is found in the Tithe List of Southham Parrish of Goochland County, VA in a household consisting of William, John Mossom and John and Lambert Blackburn.  From this time on he is closely associated with the Blackburn family.

2)   Also to note, in the 1796 personal property tax list in Buckingham County, VA, William Akers III estate is listed.   And then, in the next tax list of 1797, Susannah Akers appears, probably his widow.

3)   It is further noted that William Akers III named his first son BLACKBURN Akers, likely after his wife's family name.

Source: The Akers and Blackburn Families
By  Henry B. Brackin Jr., MD