Will of William Little III

Beaufort Co. NC March Court, 1756

Son Abraham 100 acres where he now dwells, Thos Sharp, Cheek's Mill Creek, James Hearn; 12lb to survey the land I bought from James Cheek & then to make a title to his 2 brothers.

Son William & James - the remainder of sd tract of land which I bought from James Cheek. Son Jacob - 100 acres where I now dwell joining the Dividing Branch. Son John - 100 acres on north side of sd Dividing Branch except my daughter Jane Moring to have the use of where she now dwells during her lifetime.

Son Isaac - pot. Son Joseph 10L VA. Wife Morning - rest of my estate during her lifetime & then to my 5 youngest sons Jacob, William, James, Joseph & John. Wife: Morning. Executors sons Isaac and Jacob Little. Witnesses Amos Atkinson, Mary Judkins, Jane Atkinson

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