William Akers II ~ Exhibit

William Akers II is the son mentioned in the will of William I, where he was prohibited from inheriting land until he had legitimate offspring.  He was born in the 1670s in Essex Co., Virginia.

He was married to Anne.  How this information is obtained is explained in Anne's Exhibit.

His birth date can be obtained based on the fact he witnessed the will of John Bougham on 2 Jan 1697 and of Alexander Durham on 8 Jan 1697.   The minimum age for witnesses at that time was fourteen years.

William Akers III signed an affiavit in 1751 in Cumberland Co. VA stating that his grandfather, William I, and his father, William II, were deceased. Therefore William Akers, II died before 1751.

In 1706 he sold 98 acres of inherited land on main swamp of Piscataway Creek to James Bougham, Jr., for 2000 pounds tobacco. Adjoins Acres (Akers') Spring Branch and Brown's Swamp.Recorded in Essex Co. VA Deed book 10, page 216-217.

Dr. Brackin's book tells us of a lawsuit over this land Willaim II sold to James Boughham.  The lawsuit took place after William II's death and is recorded in the Land Trials of Essex Co., 1715-1741, p.163-172.  In September 1734, John Thrustout made a complaint that Richard Holdfast had forcefully ejected him from a farm he had leased for 7 years from William III.  In February, John Baughan went uninvited into the room of Richard Holdfast and claimed title to the premises himself.  Apparently, there was some physical force and John Baughan said he was not guilty of trespass and asked for a trial by jury.  During the trial in May, the Will of William I was read to demonstrate that his land went to his son, William II once he had lawful heirs, and that Anne Smith, the daughter of William I was to live on the land from his Spring Branch to the land of Richard Jones during her natural life.  It was argued that since Anne the daughter had survived her brother, the land never did belong to him.  The deed of 1706 was read in its entirety.  In July 1735, the jury rendered a verdict against John Boughan and voided the sale of the land since Anne Smith was alive and resided on the property.

Some documents found for William II: Here.

Source: The Akers and Blackburn Families
By Henry B. Brackin Jr., MD