William Akers I

William Akers, Sr. was born before 1645, probably in England.

In Feb. 1665 he received a land grant of 595 acres from Governor Berkely in Rappahannock Co. VA on the main branch of the Piscataway Ck. above John Gregory, for transporting twelve persons to the colony.   This would indicate his birth date was probably before 1645, and probably in England.

He married Katherine about August 1702 in Essex Co., Virginia.  Besides William II he and Katherine had a daughter Ann, who had a daughter Elizabeth, as evidenced by the will of William I (see second exhibit).

Dr. Brackin cites his source for the deed information as The Akers Family in America (1665-1985) by John I. Stevens.

Source: The Akers and Blackburn Families
By Henry B. Brackin Jr., MD