Research Disclosure

I am a relatively new genealogical researcher.  I've dabbled in this fascinating topic off and on for only the past eighteen or so years.  My work is done in the midst of long periods of no activity.  I find my investigative work is more effective when I have long periods or chunks of time to envelope myself in the people and relationships.  Spending time with the names, the documents, the numbers permits opportunity for those "ah-ha" moments wherein connections are made, or additional clues are found.  I suppose as I become more experienced, as well as more organized, the great chunks of time will be less vital to my effectiveness

I began my research several years ago by seeking out the research done by others.  Not a bad idea, given the availabilty of information these days.  I was able to discover the consistencies as well as the inconsistncies and the weaknesses and strengths of the work of other researchers.  Meanwhile, I became a student of genealogical research methods and learned of the importance of documentation and appropriate levels of surety for various types of sources.  While the foundation of my work is based on the research of others, I have verified, or am verifying or will verify the cited sources of others when used.

Of particular note is the work done by Henry B. Brackin Jr., M.D. in his The Akers and Blackburn Families.  His committment to solid and verified research has been a tremendous resource and help to me, particularly in sorting through the complicated minglings of the Akers and Blackburn families.  The reader will find Dr. Brackin's work cited numerous times throughout this site.

As much as possible, throughout this site, I've provided the information which led me to make specific connections, and have cited my sources as well as those used by others.  Thereby, the reader may verify sources for themselves as well as use them as tools for further investigation.

If you can add to any missing information, or if you can correct and/or verify any information or relationship on these pages, please contact me.

The Disclaimer:

The information in this website may contain numerous mistakes or data that is questionable or only proven to a surety level that requires more notation than can be explained through the words written here.   Therefore, this data is unsuitable for re-print or general publication.  I strongly advise that researchers use this data as a beginning reference only.   This information is periodically updated, edited, corrected, and changed.