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The Surnames:

Akers, Baldwin, Blankenship, Bowling/Bollng, Branham, Collier, Holt, Johnson, Keel, Kennedy, Kimborough, Little, Osborne, Peed, Ray/Rhea, Swinney, Tackett, Tuten, Tye and my husband's McElhannon family.

McElhannon Family  (In process!)

Neal/Thompson Families

Farmer/Barton Families

Moody/Wells Families

My genealogical efforts center around my maternal grandparents, Samuel McKinley Akers and Melissa Little.

Pictures of McKinley Akers, Melissa Little and some of their children.

WARNING! As commonly found in geneological research, the two major branches do join each other in several places and I have attempted to explain these as I've painstakingly sorted them out, with much assistance from the work of others before me!

WARNING! WARNING! The Keel line beyond Mary "Mollie" Keel is NOT proved and is likely in error at this time. A mystery child (one of the William Keels) exists whose parentage is in question.  I believe that Mollie's father's name was William but do not know if he is a son, nephew or what of Samuel Grady Keel.

Below, you will find links to the pedigree pages of my grandfather and grandmother.  As you open and explore these pages, anytime you see the link: "Exhibit", click the link.  A new browser window will then open to display specific historical information about that individual and sources used in my research. After you're finished with the exhibit, simply close the browser window to return to the page you left.

Also, you will notice a number in parenthesis above each name. This number corresponds to the identifier in my software program for the individual. The intermingling of the families creates quite a tangled web. The identifier helps me "straighten" out the "gnarled" branches and I trust that it will aid you as well.

(To make it easier to return to specific exhibits, I've composed an index at the end of this narrative)

McKinley Akers' line potentially goes back to 1645 England and includes the following surnames: Akers, Blankenship, Collier, Keel, Kennedy, Osborne, Peed, Ray, Tackett and Tuten .

About The Akers Surname

***Start McKinley Akers' pedigree here.

Melissa Little's line potentially goes back to 1640 and includes the following surnames: Baldwin, Branham, Holt, Johnson, Kimborough, Little and Swinney .

***Start Melissa Little's pedigree here.

Index of Exhibts

Akers-Page 1:
  Andrew "Andy" Jackson Akers
         Exhibit 1:  Andy and Molly's House
  John Valentine Akers
         Exhibit 1:  Obituary
         Exhibit 2:  Census and Children
  Hannah Blankenship
         Exhibit 1:  The Pocahontas Connection
         Exhibit 2:  Marriage to John Valentine Akers
  David Daniel Akers
         Exhibit 1:  Children
  Samuel Grady Keel
         Exhibit 1:  Special Pike Co Census of 1890 Soldiers & Surviving Widows
         Exhibit 2:  1868 Letter
  Cynthia Ray
         Exhibit 1:  Marriage to Samuel Grady Keel

Akers-Page 2:  Here
  David Daniel Akers
         Exhibit 1:  Children (Same as Page 1)
  Valentine Akers
         Exhibit 1:  Land Documents, Census, Children
  Blackburn Akers, Sr
         Exhibit 1:  Tax Lists, Census, Children, Misc. Dates & Documents
  Susannah Blackburn (Dtr of Wm Blackburn & Eliz. Tye)
         Exhibit 1:  Reasoning for Relationship as Wife of Wm. Akers III
  Elizabeth Blackburn (Dtr of John Blackburn & Eliz. ?)
         Exhibit 1:  Reasoning for Relationship as Dtr. of John Blackburn & Eliz. ?
  Frances Branham
         Exhibit 1:  Branham vs Baskett Surname

Akers-Page 3:  Here
  William Akers III
         Exhibit 1:  Misc. Information
         Exhibit 2:  Children of William Akers III
  William Akers II
         Exhibit 1:  Misc. Information
  Ann ?-Wife of William Akers II
         Exhibit 1:  1706 Land Deed
  William Akers I
         Exhibit 1:  1665 Land Grant
         Exhibit 2:  1702 Will
  Katherine ?-Wife of William Akers I
         Exhibit 1:  1679 Land Deed

Miscellaneous Akers Exhibits:

William Akers' 1780 Virginia Land Grant from Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson, Esq.

Branham-Page 1:  Here
  John Branham
         Exhibit 1:  Marriage, possible children, reasoning for David Sr. as son,
  David Branham, Sr.
         Exhibit 1:  Historical sources, marriage
         Exhibit 2:  Children

Little-Page 1:  Here
  Francis Marion Little
         Exhibit 1:  Census, Parents, Siblings
  Mary Holt Little
         Exhibit 1:  Mary Holt Little's Obituary
  William Little IV
         Exhibit 1:  Census, Spouse, Children
  Hulda Branham
         Exhibit 1:  Marriage to Francis Marion Akers

Little-Page 2:  Here

Little-Page 3:  Here
  William Little III
         Exhibit 1: 1756 Will

Keel-Page 1:   Here
  Amos Tuten
         Exhibit 1: 1834 Will
  Thomas Tuten
         Exhibit 1: 1796 Will

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