In Every Leaf...... resides a very microcosm of the branch and the roots.

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Major Surnames Researched:

Akers,  Baldwin,  Blackburn,  Blankenship,  Bolling,  Branham,  Collier,  Holt,  Johnson,  Keel,  Kennedy, Kimborough,  Little,  Osborne,  Peed,  Ray,  Swinney,  Tackett,  Tuten,  Tye and my husband's McElhannon family.

Allied Families:

Barton, Condra, Neal, Farmer, Hartlage, Thompson, Martyn, Moody, Powers, Slaughter, Webb, Wells.

The Families     Here is where you'll find the actual genealogical relationships.

About Migration     Here you will find historical information about the migration patterns of early settlers from the time of Colombus to the 1800's. There are maps and pictures to make it visually interesting.  I've spent quite a bit of time researching this information and found it quite fascinating. I trust you will as well.

Kentucky County Formation     Here you'll find historical information, with pictures, of the county formation of Kentucky from 1776 to 1888. The county your family lives in now was not the county your ancestors settled and which holds the records you need. My Eastern Kentucky Grandparents were born, lived and died in Pike County, but when THEIR grandparents first settled the area, it was FLOYD county. For that reason, I have to expand my record search to Floyd county.

Important Research Disclosure!

I've begun the process of proving lineage back to my Revolutionary War ancestors, Isaac Little, Jr. (DAR# A132395, and David Branham,Sr. (National # 767072).

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