About the Title

My initial motivation to begin genealogical research was, like most genealogists, to discover what I could about my ancestors. Within a very short time, I experienced the excitement, frustration, and addictive aspects of the hobby. I began to develop a curiosity about and even feelings of affection for these from the past whose genetic code I share.

After some years, I began to feel the "stirrings" of an additional motivation. I knew that as difficult as the task is for me, in MY lifetime, it would be a much more difficult work for those who come after me 100 or 200 years from now. In that distant future, the information I'm trying to uncover today will be even more deeply buried. There will be even more relationships to try to link together. This work is important for MY descendants.

It's often said of genealogical work that we (the branches) are uncovering our ROOTS. I suppose I see my descendants as the future LEAVES to come from my branches.

I enjoy many rewards from the work I do with my roots, but it is for my leaves, those present and those to come, that this effort is dedicated.

Afterall, in every leaf......resides a very microcosm of the branch and the roots.


Deborah McElhannon

November 2003